Egloo uses candlelight to warm up those cold winter nights

With the rising costs of heating oil, gas and electric in the winter, many people look for alternatives for heating their homes. Egloo offers warmth by candlelight for up to five hours. The mini heater uses four votive candles that sit on the base of the gadget. Then the grill and chambers are placed on top of that. Egloo’s campaign claims that it can heat a room for only $0.10 per day, an enticing prospect indeed.

As a heating device, Egloo is not the best option since it only raises the room temperature about 2-3 degrees in a room that is 20 sqm. However, if one is looking for a gadget that works as a hand warmer or potpourri pot, then Egloo could potentially add a touch of elegance and ambiance to a small room with its Italian terracotta style pottery. This campaign seeks to raise $30,000 by late January. Backers get one product for $60.