Up in the air, all your data is secure with the SMiD Pro

Storing the troves of data generated up in the cloud is an easy, flexible and pretty affordable way to avoid losing important or sentimental files when a smartphone is lost or a hard drive goes belly up. But while it’s easy, privacy has never been the cloud’s strong suit because, for the most part, anyone determined enough can see everything uploaded.

SMid Cloud Security believes everyone — not just large companies — should be able to enjoy completely secure cloud privacy. To do that, it’s created the SMiD Pro, a device that completely encrypts all data destined to the cloud with a plug-and-play, thin USB device that serves as a personal authentication key — all without storing any of the files locally to ensure they stay safe. SMiD Pro works with all major cloud services like DropBox, Google Drive and Amazon Web Services. without needing any software to be instlalled. Each SMiD system goes for about $400 and is expected by September 2016. Its campaign is aiming to raise about $22,700 by March 12th, 2016.

The SMiD Pro and have similar aims, but the latter is completely proprietary while the former works with already popular services, making it a clear standout in the cloud security space. Even if it is a tad pricey, the SMiD is simple to use, an invaluable trait in what could’ve been a far more confusing product.

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Mooltipass builds on Arduino to store your passwords

Digital security is a double-edged sword. Making passwords and credentials more complicated and harder to crack means that it becomes more difficult to gain unauthorized access. On the other hand, it also makes those same credentials harder to remember. As a result, too many people use simple passwords or reuse the same passwords across multiple sites and programs.

The Mooltipass goes a step further, preventing the possibility of passwords and credentials being breached using a software-based solution. With three-step authentication, the Mooltipass protects passwords and logins like almost no other solution. First, the physical Mooltipass needs to be connected to the device being used. Second, a smart card with that user’s information needs to be inserted, and, finally, a PIN needs to be entered to authenticate access for that specific card.

The smart card method allows for multiple users to use the same Mooltipass without gaining access to each other’s accounts, and also keeps data and access secure even if the Mooltipass itself is taken. Additionally, the Mooltipass can be customized and used to create a number of different functions using the Arduino platform that can be easily accessed by more advanced users. Mooltipass has a very specific goal to reach of $109,112, mostly to fund production. A Mooltipass with two smartcards will be shipped in March to backers who pledge $140.

The Mooltipass may seem like a lot of extra technology to lug around just to login to email and social media, but those who insist on proper security measures will love the three-step secure hardware-based authentication. Businesses who require strict confidentiality and security will want to get on the ground floor of this product for its security and its flexibility.


The Guardian tells e-snoopers to get off of your cloud

guardianConcern about our digital information is at an all-time high. Between cloud services skimping on security, credit cards being swiped, major banks being hacked, and the NSA sniffing around, it’s difficult to confidently secure valuable files. BoltKey’s Guardian intends to make it easy. The silver slab offers users military grade encryption and wireless backup of up to 3TB of data, coupled with two-factor authentication requiring the included BoltKey accessory. The product’s encryption and storage may dwarf others, but products like WEDG or the Sherylbox offer more options with which to interact with data. Early birds can get their own Guardian for $199 in November 2014, while tardy turtles will get theirs in December 2014 for $249.

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Privus encrypts digital communication to keep it from prying eyes

PrivusWith whistleblowers raising issue with online security from hackers and governments alike, encryption can be an important tool to protect privacy. The Privus system allows users to encrypt their emails, chats, and texts easily for complete privacy. All you need to know is in the first second of the video, as a CIA and NSA Surveillance Contractor declares the Privus encryption unbeatable. For a pledge of $25, backers can get access to Privus email encryption with a year’s subscription to Privus Premier. Those who want safe physical storage can add on a 16GB USB drive with Cipher-Key application for a total of $65.