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Blooky promises to end password hassle with a key fob device

One password for all the sites we frequented used to be the norm. More importantly, it used to be easy. Nowadays, though, having one password for every Web site is akin to a digital death sentence. With more and more attempts at your digital life by hackers targeting large companies with troves of our data and being successful at it, it’s up to us to make sure our data is protected and secure. Password managers claim to be a good solution, but they rely on exactly one password to protect you, which has proven to be a bad idea.

Blooky is a wireless Bluetooth password key that can work with laptops, desktops, phones, and tablets to relieve you of password worry. All you have to do is pair Blooky with your device and login to your desired site. After your first time, the product will save your credentials. Every login after that will see Blooky authenticate itself to decrypt the passwords it has stored, making every login effortless. It’s easy to deactivate should it fall into the wrong hands, offering several ways to remotely disable it. The company is also offering a Bluetooth LE dongle for your device should it lack the capability. The campaign is looking for $250,000, and backers can expect their $100 Blooky on their doorsteps by August 2015.

The inventors behind Blooky claim their encryption is unbroken thus far, but no encryption is perfect. Someone who wants your data badly enough will eventually succeed. Blooky will no doubt be an asset to the casual user, but runs the risk of being more of a convenience than actual protection in the long run. Backers interested in security may also want to check out the EveryKey.

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EveryKey looks like Jawbone UP, logs you in or out

We’re constantly faced with the reality that our personal or intellectual property can be stolen at any time. That’s why we walk around with tons of keys in our pockets and passwords in our heads to avoid just that. EveryKey works to consolidate all of that into one neat package that you can wear on your wrist. The silicon band uses Bluetooth LE technology to unlock both your physical and digital locks for you. Bikes, apartments, cars and other controlled access devices open up when in range of EveryKey. Similarly, passwords stored on the band allow you to login to your computer, phone or tablet. This smartband uses military-grade encryption so that you’re always protected from hackers. It’s water-resistant and charges via a micro USB port to USB cable. The battery lasts for up to 30 days.

Of course, with any all-encompassing device there’s convenience and risk that it’ll fall into the wrong hands. The folks at EveryKey have addressed this concern by allowing for deactivation of the device online if lost. All locks and passwords are still able to be open with regular keys and codes, adding more convenience if EveryKey is left behind at home or lost. The campaign says that the creators really focused on fashion when creating this product. While it comes in lots of different colors, it’s not the most vogue of devices, but not the clunkiest either. For those who are familiar with the FitBit, EveryKey bears a striking resemblance.

We’ve seen devices with some of these same capabilities like the Skylock which allows for wireless entry into your bike. While this product is limited in its range, only compatible with bikes, it comes with the added perk of letting the user know if their property is being tampered with. Perhaps such a feature would be a great addition to the EveryKey in later models. Still, this product is well thought out and a great addition to the smart security market. Backers can enjoy their own for $50 by March 2015, not a bad price at all. EveryKey is looking to raise $100,000 on Kickstarter.