EZ Bacon lets you cook your bacon without pan, messy cleanup

One of the most savory smells in the world is fried bacon. One of the biggest messes to clean up is, yes, fried bacon. Bacon is one of those tasty items that is usually best cooked on the weekend or in the evening as part of a BLT sandwich because of how long it takes.

One option that shortens that cooking time is microwaving, and EZ Bacon aims to offer users a kitchen gadget to assist with that. This product features a ribbed design that lets the bacon be draped over top and cooked, without lying in its own grease. This way, the bacon is crispy and not quite so fattening.

The product is touted as saving the user from a greasy skillet and messy cleanup, but a couple of paper towels on a plate, with the bacon placed on top works quite well for microwaving bacon. Breakfast loving backers might also like to check out ButterUp. This campaign seeks to raise $15,000 by February 9, 2015. Early bird backers get one product for $15 with an expected delivery of April 2015.