Fire-resistant Obsidian GoPro case captures your burning building rescues

Even before man ever learned to harness its awesome power, fire has had a nasty habit of destroying things. From trees and homes to personal belongings, as Frankenstein’s monster once so eloquently put it: “Fire bad.” The Obsidian is a case for the GoPro Hero 3 camera that has a different attitude toward fire. Obsidian is flame-resistant, and can withstand temperatures beyond 2250 degrees Fahrenheit, which is hotter than actual, real-life lava. This allows for better security footage for firefighters, extreme photos and videos of intense locations, or just plain experimental filmmaking.

Because the Obsidian is hinged, the GoPro can easily come in and out of the case, meaning it only stays protected when the camera needs to be protected. It also means that all the regular GoPro features are still accessible all the other times it isn’t on fire. Obsidian has run out of money for developing the product and needs to raise $55,000. Backers can grab one to protect their GoPro from anything less than being thrown into the sun for $200 in June 2015. With a product like this, you might not have any use for it, but isn’t it nice to have just in case?

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Game of Drones quadricopter survives fire, shotgun blasts, your ex’s scorn

GameofDronesThe robots destined to rule Earth as our indifferent masters will one day chuckle at how we primitive humans enabled them to resist our weapons.  Two guys in Northern California have developed a prototype indestructible drone with a four-pronged body that can survive multiple falls, flying through glass plates and fire, landing in water, and being shot. For $125, you can get the unassembled parts of the product and put it together yourself. Or for $600. you can get one fully assembled. Perhaps the only thing it can’t resist, though, is a ticket. If you’re flying unmanned aircrafts, make sure you abide by your local drone laws. Happy piloting!


Rhino Laces keep your boots kicking butt through blades and fire

Rhino LacesThere have been Kickstarter projects that have sought to replace the lace, but Rhino Laces certainly is not for those too lazy to run that rabbit around the tree in order to make a proper knot. These laces are designed for people who depend on their boots for survival in extreme situations, not looking cool. As the campaign description makes clear, they’re resistant to every danger from fire to zombies to (no, please, anything but) hipsters and their tips are rugged enough to arouse suspicion by the TSA. For those needing the toughest rope this side of paracord keeping their boots on, early bird pricing starts at $17 and delivery is expected in April 2014.