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Coffee Cuppa takes you from grounds to sipping lickety-split

Here is the perfect item for coffee coinsures who find the instant stuff to be an affront to their taste buds. Coffee Cuppa allows for the real deal to be available in minutes without having to brew a complete pot. The grounds go in the small coffee holder gadget, which goes in one’s favorite standard sized coffee cup. Then just pour hot water over the gadget. Grinding the coffee beans will still be necessary. If the plan is to have the real stuff available at the office or some other location away from home and there isn’t a grinder there, a bit of preplanning will be necessary, as well as sealable storage baggies for toting. It’s not clear if the gadget is airtight to preserve freshness and prevent grounds from escaping during travels. For £10, early bird backers get one product with an expected delivery of November 2014.