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Spot-Not ensures your wine glasses are clear, saves you cheap detergent embarrassment

When hosting a dinner party or holiday get-together, glassware with water spots can be an embarrassment at an elegant soiree. That’s why the Spot-Not drying system was created. The glassware dryer has a multi-petal core that fits into any size wine glass. A microfiber towel dries up to 15 glasses and can be washed and reused. The magnetic decanter dryer includes a drying cloth with two embedded magnets for conforming to the inside of the decanter, and a drying mitt with embedded magnets for the outside. As the outside drying mitt is moved around, so is the inside drying cloth.

Spot-Not may also have a place in the restaurant industry because countless servers often have to spend lots of time polishing glasses for patrons. Wine-loving backers might also want to check out the Sonic Decanter campaign. This campaign seeks to raise $8,000 CAD (~$7,000 USD). Early bird backers get the complete system for $40 CAD (~$35 USD) with an expected delivery of January 2015.