GoKnuckles is is a GoPro stabilizer that packs a punch

The GoPro changed the quality and capabilities of what a person could do on their own in terms of shooting video, and its effects are felt not just in the footage, but in the accessories that followed.

GoKnuckles are a new kind of handheld mount for the GoPro HERO camera, designed to be visually appealing as well as functional. Using a rubberized plastic and resembling brass knuckles, GoKnuckles are worn over the fingers so that by making a fist, the camera is leveled off and can get the ideal action shot while still keeping hands free to do or hold anything. GoWorx wants to raise $4,500 to make GoKnuckles a reality. Backers can get a set of GoKnuckles in November in either blue or orange for $15, more than 10% off the final retail price.

This is a product that certain has a sense of style to it, and the ability to still have open hands is a great add-on, but the limitations as far as how close the camera sits compared to other similar products makes this far from being the only mount someone would need.