Your shaky video could really use a helping Hando

The Premise. There are SO many video-worthy moments these days. Smartphones have made all types of videos possible with the touch of a button—action, adventure, slow motion, fast motion, even vertical. (Never take vertical video. Don’t be that guy.)

The Product. Hando is a robotic gyroscopic stabilizer that will significantly improve the quality of your home movies by smoothing unnecessary movements. With a bracket for either your smartphone or GoPro camera, you can vastly improve your movie-making credibility while an accelerometer and two motors get to work counteracting undesired movements.

The Pitch. The product video does a good job of showing the simplicity of Hando and the quality of the videos you can make when using the product. There are several examples of videos shot using Hando, and co-inventor Chi Hoang is featured asking Kickstarters for support. The campaign page is a host of information about Hando including several sample videos, parts information, sourcing and manufacturing information, and product timeline. If all goes according to plan, Hando will begin shipping to backers in December of this year. The campaign is looking to raise $90,000 over 45 days.

The Perks. For a limited number of early birds, a contribution of $275 scores one Hando stabilizer with both GoPro and iPhone brackets. Interestingly, there are only three tiers of reward perks with a static ‘perk’ increasing in funding requirement as the early bird brackets sell out. The late-comers will pay a $50 premium over the first group, netting the same Hando and two brackets for $325.

The Potential. Gyroscopic stabilizers have been popping up more and more as of late. We’ve even featured a similar product which received partial funding via Indiegogo earlier this year, called Servostab. Another current project on Kickstarter called Camvertible is looking to raise $50,000 CAD over 52 days. While Hando’s mantra seems to be a respectable “keep it simple” from product concept all the way to backer perks, it is clear that Camvertible did not take that route and is designed to use with more professional level cameras – mostly DSLRs. Luckily for Hando, there are plenty of iPhone users to market the product to, and if it’s one thing they like, it’s simplicity.