Dual Drive Total Fitness bike lets you pedal with your hands

The idea of a bike has remained relatively unchanged, which is a testament to its utility. Even through the removal and addition of wheels, seats, and weight, it has always laid atop the foundation of foot powered pedals. Why is it that the pedal is so sacred, though? Hasn’t everyone wished they could pedal with their hands, t00? Apparently, inventor Ken Haan does and created the Dual Drive Total Fitness Bike to do so.

Born out of the sun and surf of Fort Lauderdale, the Dual Drive Total Fitness Bike not only has foot pedals but chain-less handlebar pedals as well. The inventor claims that the combination of both gives a rider a truly full-body workout by strengthening all major muscle groups. The bike isn’t all about toning those mirror muscles, though. By using your hands, 30% more power is added to your speed with the handlebar pedal, getting you to your destination faster.

As novel and imaginative as the Dual Drive Total Fitness Bike is, it wouldn’t work as much in an urban environment because it’s built to be a coasting bike. As such, its target audience is pretty limited. The bike is currently going for $499 if you’re local or $699 if it needs to be shipped, cheaper than the $999 MSRP. The $100,000 campaign promises backers their very own bike by December 2015.