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INDIGLO saves handlebar space by doubling up action cam mounts

Bicycles are fast becoming the favored mode of transportation in large, urban cities. With this increased favor comes the inevitable support of both larger companies and DIY crowd in making their ride more effective and useful. In particular, the glut of GPS devices and action cameras like the GoPro have offered riders ways to make their rides more efficient and plain fun but at the cost of handlebar space — there can only be so many attachments!

With their dual handlebar mount, INDIGLO is letting you reclaim your handlebar space and get back to riding comfortably. The mount is installed without much fuss by just using the flexible clamp bands; the top being compatible with a wide-range of Garmin GPS devices and the bottom compatible with GoPro, Garmin Virb, and Shimano Cameras. Users can also install the INDIGLO5, the company’s own flashlight as well. What the INDIGLO dual mount does, it does simply. The campaign is hoping to raise $5,000 AUD (~$4,300 USD) for success. The product is going for $50 AUD with a ship date of February 2015.


HandleBeard tames wild whiskers on the go

handlebeardIt’s outrageous to think a single item can tame the legions of mighty and lustrous beards ruling over the chins of men the world over, but Joe Bencar and his Handlebeard have stepped into the arena to do battle. Whatever you do, don’t let the keychain comb’s diminutive size or whimsical handlebar design fool you: this is 3.5 inches of pure, anodized aluminum, water-jet cut to keep booming bristles in check. Reasonably priced at just $10, the Handlebeard’s lightweight design will accompany you anywhere you go. Even if the Handlebeard doesn’t come across as versatile as the GoComb, stretch goals include additional color options and a titanium version that inject variety and strike fear into the hearts of even the most labyrinthine mane. It’s due to whisk its way onto keychains in November 2014.


Bicyclick shows that a bike pair divided against itself cannot stand

The Premise. Without kickstands, it’s difficult to keep your bike upright. In addition, when parking a bunch of bikes together with family and friends, one strong breeze can cause a domino effect of falling bikes. No one enjoys untangling bikes that have fallen over.

The Product. Bicyclick is a clever little product that screws into the side of your bike handle. Bikes using this product can click into one another to them upright. The product also comes with a rubber strand that holds down the brakes so that the bikes don’t roll away together. Bicyclick is designed to fit together bikes with handles of different heights and can attach as many bikes as possible. Its completely black and discreet meaning that when its not in use, you won’t even notice it. Different versions make it possible to connect to a variety of handles.

The Pitch. This charming campaign video features soothing Irish music while the creators talk about the pitfalls of fallen bikes. They show the Bicyclick doing its thing with tons of different types of bikes on all different kinds of terrain to display how versatile it is. Photos of the product in action permeate the rest of the campaign. Bicyclick hopes to raise $25,000 in a 45-day Kickstarter campaign. 

The Perks. One Bicyclick costs $25 or two for $42. The product offers different types of attachments for different kinds of handlebars. Estimated delivery is set for October 2014. Reward tiers reach up to $700.

The Potential. For those without a kickstand or those who have had trouble using a kickstand, Bicyclick is the way to go. It’s perfect for couples, families, bike tours or anyone who travels in a pack. It’s great that it attaches and stays on the handlebar, making it easy to use and transport. For many, this product doesn’t seem super necessary, but for outdoorsy types and those who live in California, like the creators, Bicyclick will certainly come in handy.