Bicyclick shows that a bike pair divided against itself cannot stand

The Premise. Without kickstands, it’s difficult to keep your bike upright. In addition, when parking a bunch of bikes together with family and friends, one strong breeze can cause a domino effect of falling bikes. No one enjoys untangling bikes that have fallen over.

The Product. Bicyclick is a clever little product that screws into the side of your bike handle. Bikes using this product can click into one another to them upright. The product also comes with a rubber strand that holds down the brakes so that the bikes don’t roll away together. Bicyclick is designed to fit together bikes with handles of different heights and can attach as many bikes as possible. Its completely black and discreet meaning that when its not in use, you won’t even notice it. Different versions make it possible to connect to a variety of handles.

The Pitch. This charming campaign video features soothing Irish music while the creators talk about the pitfalls of fallen bikes. They show the Bicyclick doing its thing with tons of different types of bikes on all different kinds of terrain to display how versatile it is. Photos of the product in action permeate the rest of the campaign. Bicyclick hopes to raise $25,000 in a 45-day Kickstarter campaign. 

The Perks. One Bicyclick costs $25 or two for $42. The product offers different types of attachments for different kinds of handlebars. Estimated delivery is set for October 2014. Reward tiers reach up to $700.

The Potential. For those without a kickstand or those who have had trouble using a kickstand, Bicyclick is the way to go. It’s perfect for couples, families, bike tours or anyone who travels in a pack. It’s great that it attaches and stays on the handlebar, making it easy to use and transport. For many, this product doesn’t seem super necessary, but for outdoorsy types and those who live in California, like the creators, Bicyclick will certainly come in handy. 

Cell Phone Accessories Tablet Accessories

The paper-thin, foldable Scööb supports your iPad for viewing

ScööbWe’ve all been there. When our tablets won’t stand upright we use folded up socks, staples or any bulky item to try to prop them up. The Canadian-made Scööb — not to be confused with Shaggy’s nickname for his favorite dog —  alleviates this problem. This plastic product is a tablet stand that is foldable and portable. It has two settings for either viewing or typing on a tablet and comes in several different designs. One plain Scööb costs backers $3 CAD or, for customized design, $4 or $5 CAD by September 2014. For only $6 CAD, Scööb will donate one stand to students from a school in Kenya who have recently received free tablets from Qualcomm. Scööb hopes to raise $5,000 on Kickstarter in its 45-day campaign.

Health and Wellness Wearables

Upright poises to perfect your posture

The Premise. Poor posture can lead to a slew of health problems as people get older. Those who hunch from time to time in their youth will end up hunching over permanently in old age. With the amount of sitting that people do from day to day, it’s difficult to maintain good posture all the time.

The Product. Upright is a small device that attaches to your lower back. When your posture is poor, the product vibrates, alerting the wearer that they need to straighten out. Multiple sensors allow Upright to detect when the wearer is sitting, standing, running or walking. The accompanying app receives information about your posture habits from the device via Bluetooth technology. Upright is small, white and attaches to your back with a sticky substance.

The Pitch. Upright’s campaign video features several different slouchy people straightening up in situations where confidence is needed, such as an interview or date. Testimonials from users and experts on the benefits of good posture round out the video’s narrative. The rest of the campaign goes through the technology involved in the product as well as detailing the mobile training app that the product comes with. The Swiss-made Upright hopes to raise $70,000 USD on Indiegogo.

The Perks. For an early special price, Upright will cost crooked backers $69. At a regular price, the Upright goes for $79, both with estimated delivery dates of March 2015. Reward tiers go all the way up to $1,725, aka the company pack for any company that wants its employees to sit up straight, not a bad idea. 

The Potential. Posture is definitely a problem for most nowadays. We always seem to be hunched over our computers, books, or phones. Similar to Upright, the Lumo Lift also reminds wearers to sit up straight while tracking activity and posture using an accompanying app. Lumo Lift is a a similar price as Upright, but is worn on the lapel instead of directly on the back. This likely makes it a bit more comfortable if conspicuous. All in all, Upright is a clever product and, if it can stay attached to the skin all day, it will certainly enjoy great success for those looking to alleviate back pain.