Tech Accessories

Write2Go electronic pad lets you take digital notes the write way

Electronic writing pads have a few appealing functions, among them that they allow users to take notes and sketch designs while saving paper (and trees).

Write2Go is a small handwriting pad that uses electronic ink technology and transfers notes to Mac and Windows computers. In addition to notes and pictures, the device can be used to sign e-documents. Memos can be saved and scheduled in Google/Outlook Calendar.


Neo Smartpen N2 sends your scribbles to your smartphone

Only a select few smart pens have really stood out as serious contenders in the digital marketplace. The N2 by NeoLAB intends to follow in the footsteps of heavyweights like LiveScribe and Equil by offering the syncing features we’re all used to, but with a few extras to set itself apart. The pen’s versatility comes from its compatibility with industry standard D1 ink, the ability to import anything created into Photoshop or Illustrator for further tweaking, voice recording, and PDF editing and annotation to round it all out.

The Mimoto pen has also tried to break the mold by moonlighting as a stylus for touch screens, but in the end most smart pens are entirely too similar. The N2 does a valiant job differentiating itself with its feature set and the ability for users to print their own proprietary paper rather than be stuck if they’re out. If it’s up your alley, the basic package goes for $99 and comes with one N2 and a notebook.