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Write2Go electronic pad lets you take digital notes the write way

Electronic writing pads have a few appealing functions, among them that they allow users to take notes and sketch designs while saving paper (and trees).

Write2Go is a small handwriting pad that uses electronic ink technology and transfers notes to Mac and Windows computers. In addition to notes and pictures, the device can be used to sign e-documents. Memos can be saved and scheduled in Google/Outlook Calendar.

The product can also be used to send original handwritten messages or drawings through the PC versions of Facebook Messenger, Skype and other online chat services. Write2Go ships in January. Future retail pricing isn’t provided by its Kickstarter campaign. But early bird backers can get one now at pricing starting at $35. Its makers hope to raise $1,000 by Dec. 12.

There are appealing features of Write2Go such as being able to insert a drawing or signature in a pinch, but it lacks one major feature of the similar Boogie Board Sync: the ability to sync and share via Bluetooth with mobile devices. On the other hand, because smartphones and tablets already support electronic handwriting, owners of those mobile devices will likely see no reason to buy Write2Go or Boogie Board Sync other than to potentially save some money.


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