Backerjack Podcast #18: Smarter Water and Hear Factors

We’re back! In Episode 18 of the Backerjack Podcast, Steve and Ross check out some of the latest products seeking funds and preorders:

  • HidrateMe and Trago, two smart water bottles that can personalize their hydration advice.
  • Here, an unprecedented wireless audio tuning device for the real world that allows you to adjust settings such as volume and tone — helpful for when you’re not all about the bass.

Notes: In the podcast, Ross tried to remember the name of the Backerjack feature that pitted similar campaigns head-to-head. It was The Back-Off.

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Here earbuds let you tune how you hear the world

In the beginning there was the volume control, and it was good — so good in fact that it launched an infinite number of ways to tune and distort audio. But there was always a catch. The audio had to be playing through some kind of device, whether it be a transistor radio, CD player or iPhone.

But now, for the first time, people will be able to apply some of the same adjustments they’ve made to recorded audio to real-life audio via Here Active Listening earbuds. Somewhat of an equalizer for the real world, the Heres use a digital signal processor to allow you to not only tune people out, but change their bass and treble settings as well as a host of other options. The app comes equipped with a number of settings to take into account prolonged aural unpleasantness such as a baby crying or a being in a plane.