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With the Alchema and fruit, it’s always wine o’clock

There’s nothing quite like the revitalizing, crisp taste of a freshly made drink. The problem lies in having the right equipment and time available to create these drinks. While home brewed beer is possible, it’s a lengthy and involved process that most won’t want to get into.

Luckily, when it comes to cider, a jug of store bought fruity goodness isn’t the only choice. With the Alchema, anyone is able to create fresh cider by following a pretty straightforward process. The airtight yet sleekly designed contraption first sanitizes the jug. After, users can throw in their favorite fruits and other ingredients along with packets of yeast in order to begin the fermentation process. In one to two weeks, a pitcher of certified delicious cider is ready for a user’s next get-together. Cider isn’t the only thing Alchema can create. Give it just a week and it can cook up some mead. If time is on your side, throw in some grapes and wait 16 weeks for the ultimate in sophistication: wine.