Icebuddy cooler taps frozen inner chamber, claims it can chill for three days

What if it were possible to have a cooler that could be taken on a camping trip or to a picnic that didn’t require a bag of ice to keep things cool? That would be the point behind the Icebuddy cooler. Though the cooling mechanism does require a three hour storage time in the freezer, when it is placed inside the Icebuddy companion, it keeps stored items chilled for up to three days. It can also be easily toted with its backpack design or soft, rubber handle; giving it an edge on the cooler market. As for those who don’t mind purchasing ice and having coolers with lots of gadgets to add some zest to the party, consider checking out Cooler Bobs, Coolest Cooler, Boombox Cooler, and for a potentially party crashing wild ride, Kreweser cooler. This campaign seeks to raise $250,000 by November 25, 2014. For $225, backers get the complete Icebuddy cooler system with an expected delivery of April 2015.