Personal Transportation

The SnikkyBike is a motorized penny farthing for your thoughts

For many, the big city is no place to ride a bicycle. While there are daredevils that relish the danger of risky drivers, potholed streets, and oblivious pedestrians, there are many who just can’t deal all those obstacles. For them, there aren’t very many solutions outside of waiting for a city to implement more bike-friendly policies — something that can take a long time.

The Snikpatent-claimedkyBike positions itself as the perfect hybrid, offering the agility of a kick scooter with the sturdiness and stability of a bike. It’s vintage, penny farthing-like shape allows for these benefits: Its large front wheel offers durability and tight turning circles and its small, motorized rear wheel allows it to go 20mph for about 20-25 miles per charge efficient personal transportation. Adding to the SnikkyBike’s focus on safety is how it requires its riders to stand on foldable footboards, forcing them to stay alert to the environment and also giving them the ability to get off quickly and effortlessly should they need to.