LoadUp Pro gets physical to produce tight baseball bat swings

All sports demand tight, consistent form, which takes a whole lot of time and practice to properly master. A big problem when learning these techniques is that it’s hard to know when you’re not doing it right. This means leading some down the wrong path and forcing them to correct themselves when someone clues them in on their mistakes.

The folks at LoadUp Pro think that time would be better spent learning correctly from the get go. They’ve built their batting aid to teach players how to correctly load up power and swing while still keeping balance. The Pro does this with two bars that work in tandem to create physical cues to teach, improve, or refine form, eventually leading to improved muscle memory and an overall better swing. The company’s approach is novel as it shies away from a sensor-centric design like the Zepp which forces players to analyze their swing after the fact. In contrast, the LoadUp Pro offers instant feedback the same way the Jump Shot Pro does for basketball — an invaluable trait in the sports world. The LoadUp Pro can be had for $75 with an estimated delivery date of January 2015. The campaign is looking to raise $5,000 for success.