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The EVO companion is a Swiss Army knife for the mobile world

Walking around with a sliver of plastic, glass and electronics in the pocket that is essentially a full fledged computer is the fundamental appeal of the smartphone. Unfortunately, many have to make sure they bring along the requisite charging cable, a case, a power bank for extra power, etc., suddenly making that sliver of engineering not as portable.

At just the size of a key fob, the EVO smartphone companion consolidates a wide range of products into one, easy-to-use gadget. For starters, EVO replaces both a user’s charging cable and wall adapter for an iOS or Android device with its built-in USB cable with Lightning attachment. In addition, EVO’s Bluetooth connectivity lets it act as a remote to control music and camera functions from afar. That Bluetooth connectivity works as a safety net, too. It’ll automatically lock and unlock the connected smartphone based on the proximity of its owner, doubling as a Bluetooth tracker to prevent users from walking away from their phones or losing their keys completely.


Titanium Key Shackle holds keys and more with ease

Titanium Key Shackle   922cb82c12217938b20a9de8f2ed9153_large[1]There are few things more annoying than fumbling to find the right key when you’re in a hurry. Titanium Key Shackle not only holds and organizes your keys, but it also holds USB drives, keycards and other small items that people often like to have at their fingertips. While Kickstarter has seen other similar products, one nice thing about this particular key organizer is that it seems easy to set up and no modification of the keys is needed. For $18, a backer gets one product with an expected delivery of July 2014.