Connected Objects Lighting

For Vocca light switches, your voice is a turn-on

The Premise. Sometimes the light switch is just too far away. Whether you’re cozy in bed, just getting in the door with your hands full of groceries or unable to easily get to the switch due to injury, flipping the switch can sometimes be a pain. 

The Product. Vocca is a voice-activated light switch. The small white device screws into any conventional light fixture. Once in, the lightbulb then screws into Vocca. By simply saying the phrase, “Vocca switch light,” the device turns the light on or off. Vocca Pro allows for customization and the user can program up to five trigger phrases for the light using an accompanying app. The product itself is white and very discreet. 

The Pitch. Watching the Vocca campaign video is like seeing a musical on Broadway. Sort of. The star bursts into song from the get go and sings robustly, and informatively, about Vocca explaining that normal light switches will still work and comparing other products. There’s some drama in there too and, like all classic narratives, a conflict about who’s getting up to switch off the light and a solution, Vocca. The rest of the campaign goes through the specs of Vocca and Vocca Pro, showing off its features to potential backers. This smart light switch product hopes to raise $40,000 in a two-month Kickstarter campaign. 

The Perks. For $29, backers will get the Vocca at a special early price. For later backers, $39 is enough to get the Vocca delivered by December 2014. The Vocca Pro goes for an early tier of $42 and regular tier of $49. 

The Potential. As the video points out, there are other smart light switches out there. As the video also points out, these come with limitations. Messing around with your phone isn’t really too much faster than hauling your butt up to turn off or on the light. While Vocca does feature the convenience of customization on your phone, including setting the lights to turn on when you want to wake up, it doesn’t rely solely upon that. For instance, Belkin’s WeMo LightSwitch lets you customize your lighting, but the phone is always needed to control it. If you lose your phone, you’re hosed. With Vocca, simply remembering the phrase is all you need to operate the device. All in all, people are very lazy and for that reason alone, there is definitely a place on the market for Vocca. 


BounceLite angles for maximum flash in and out of the studio

BounceLitePhotographers know that light is what makes the difference between a quality photograph and a waste of memory. BounceLite is a camera attachment that allows a photographer to manipulate light for a great photo. It features a hinged white square that angles light wherever it needs to go. The attachment also features colored gels that are easy to install in order to give a photo a different mood or quality. BounceLite eliminates the need for bulky reflectors and makes professional-quality photos easier to capture. It looks like a handy camera accessory that will be attractive to advanced amateurs and pros. This British product will cost backers £88. BounceLite hopes to raise £28,000 on Kickstarter.

Cell Phone Accessories Displays

LEDmeKnow signals the calls you should take

The Premise. Folks these days are busy busy busy with work, family and friends. As a result, we’re constantly attached to our phones, anxious to miss an important call or message. It can be frustrating, however, to feel the need to check the phone all the time. It’s important for people to relax away from their phones and enjoy the company of those they’re with, without worrying about missing anything.

The Product. The LEDmeKnow is a smart LED light box that works with your smartphone. Like a flat Rubik’s Cube, it has a face covered with nine squares in different colors. Each color is programmable to be attached to either certain recipients or certain websites. For instance, the blue light can indicate all Facebook notifications while the red light indicates that a call, e-mail or text is being received from one’s boss. The box is completely customizable for your needs. Each light will remain on until the call, e-mail or notification is dealt with so that one doesn’t have to be constantly staring at it. In addition, it doesn’t need to be close to the phone to work. the LEDmeKnow also features long battery life and only needs to be charged once a month.

The Pitch. LEDmeKnow’s campaign begins with a video of everything wrong with checking your phone at all times. In the dramatization, this guy can’t be bothered to look at his super hot girlfriend because he is too ensconced in his phone. The rest of the campaign features a comparison with a similar product and how the LEDmeKnow is (much) better. This smart cube hopes to raise $30,000 in a 30-day campaign on Kickstarter.

The Perks. Early birds get the box for $55, while punctual and late birds must pay $60 and $65 respectively for the special Kickstarter prices. This Ukranian product promises delivery by November 2014 and offers free shipping to the USA. 

The Potential. As stated in their very own campaign, LEDmeKnow is aware that it isn’t the first product of its kind out there. The L8 SmartLight is very similar to the LEDmeKnow and was successfully funded on Kickstarter in August 2012. According to the campaign, however, the L8 had problems with low battery life, crashing, inability to stay synced with the phone and the product didn’t ship when promised. Also, it displayed each notification for only a few seconds, so the user had to remain glued to the box which rendered it slightly silly. All in all, the LEDmeKnow is a great option for men and women looking to enjoy the moment as the market has plenty of options exclusively for the ladies like the Ringly smart ring. While it may not be particularly useful in public, this product is great for those evening and weekend moments when phones become tiresome to deal with.


TorchGlo simulates a warm campfire, won’t prevent hypothermia

torchgloGoing camping is one of the highlights of summertime. For light, warmth and cooking, most opt to make a fire to enjoy at night. If firewood is too hard to find or a fire is hard to light, backers can use TorchGlo. TorchGlo is an orange orb that your headlamp goes inside. It provides a nice, warm light and can be used outside in lieu of a fire or inside of the tent for some not-so-harsh light. One TorchGlo costs $20 at an early special price or $30 at a regular price with estimated delivery in September 2014. This lighting product from California hopes to raise $14,000 in a 30-day Kickstarter campaign.


Kangaroo Light folds some extra illumination into tight spots

KANGAROO LIGHTFor people everywhere, bags and purses become black holes of loss and mystery when our things go missing. A little extra light can come in handy sometimes and flashlights have somewhat of a narrow presence. The excessively capitalized KANGAROO LIGHT is a flexible light that is designed to sit in the bottom of your bag to make it easier to find things. It folds into different shapes making it light and portable, much like the RagLite. The KANGAROO makes a nice reading light as well. One of this British product costs backers £40. The light hopes to raise £50,000 in a 45-day Kickstarter campaign.


Blinklums offers a creative lighting outlet, can’t escape a household one.

BlinklumsImagine being able to have a light source in any shape that your heart desires. Blinklums is a lighting system that uses a special chemical formulation to create a sheet of light that is bendable, resistant to water and shock, has a long life and gives off very little heat. A few creative ideas include illuminated mouse pad, posters, and sketch board, to name just a few. The main drawback is that it takes more than just an AC wall outlet for it to give off the equivalent of about 60 watts of light, but an inverter takes care of that, and a battery pack is in the works. For £23, a backer gets one product with an anticipated delivery of June 2014.

Luggage and Bags

Zondo Firefly Backpack lights up sports enthusiasts’ night

Zondo  12ba9b37cdfbbe6a031334318b339866_large[1]What person who loves the outdoors doesn’t need a good backpack? Zondo Firefly Backpack is ideal for hiking, cycling, running or just about any sport you can think of. A few things that set it apart from your standard backpack include the fact that it is waterproof, includes a removable triathlon belt (something like a fanny pack), and lights up at night. It’s also very in line with its price for a sports back pack. Not only was Zondo designed by an athlete, but it has also been tested by them. For £30 backers get one backpack with an expected delivery of September 2014.


Modular Lamp lights up room with your creativity

ModularLightFor those who like to flaunt their own unique style wherever they go, Modular Lamp offers the opportunity to light up your space in your own way. The company is working to move from birch plywood to furniture grade walnut, and the Modular Lamp will be the first of many pieces. A coat of blue paint away from resembling a TARDIS, the idea is to make the furniture hollow so that it requires fewer trees, which means it will also be lightweight and environmentally friendly, but it’s still supposed to be strong. If you like to rearrange the furniture a lot or you are the transient type who moves frequently, this might be an ideal product. For $55, a backer gets one lamp, but the walnut version requires $75. Expected delivery of May 2014.



GlassXPro puts headlights on the head for nighttime romps

GlassxproEver need light at night, but need your hands free at the same time? Introducting GlassXPro, a pair of glasses with bright LED lights attached, making nighttime rummaging or traveling all the easier. GlassXPro joins the safety market, with tons of other lighting devices designed to make you more visible at night, like Vega Edge lights. One setback of wearing glasses with lights is that the rider can’t wear their prescription glasses if necessary. A pair of these luminous glasses goes for $25 on Kickstarter with an estimated delivery date of May 2014. The glasses creators hope to raise $8,000 in a 30-day campaign.


Vega Edge blends fashion and safety with stylish blinker

Vega EdgeWalking, cycling, and jogging at night are greatly improved by increased visibility. Vega Edge presents a wearable light for such occasions. The light offers different flashing modes and is made with leather and magnets so that it can clip onto the edge of any garment or bag and is far more discreet than other night-time visibility aids. Choices of light color, shape and leather are all customizations that Vega’s creators offer. Buyers of this light will even have the option to change the flashing pattern of the light if they wish. One early Vega Edge goes for $55 CAD with an estimated delivery date of August 2014. Vega hopes to raise $32,000 CAD in its 21-day Kickstarter campaign.