Sleep Sensei lulls you to sleep with fun lights, calm breathing patterns

Many people have trouble sleeping. There are few natural options out there that can help. Lack of sleep can disrupt daytime life immensely and is extremely unhealthy.

Using lights, Sleep Sensei can help restless people fall asleep. This small device about the size of two alarm clocks sits on the bedside table. It uses soft, red lights to mimic breathing patterns. When you first crawl into bed, the lights are fast, getting brighter when you inhale and dimmer when you exhale. As you doze off, the lights become slower to slow down breath, which is what causes sleep to happen. The device pivots to different angles and features a knob that lets the user adjust brightness and speed of the lights.

While this product has a sensible purpose behind it, it seems like a lot of clutter compared to taking a couple of Unisom tablets. And the design leaves some room for improvement, slightly resembling some kind of mini Medieval catapult. Backers will need to donate $40 for an assembled Sleep Sensei with estimated delivery in September 2015. This product is hoping to raise $2,500 with the help of Kickstarter.

Connected Objects Kids/Babies

Quiet Night offers music for baby and sleep for parents, allegedly

Babies are cute, except for when they wake up at all hours of the night. When most babies wake up, they don’t really need anything. Rather, they just get bored lying in bed, thereby leaving it up to the parents to rouse themselves to entertain their child back to sleep.

patent-claimedQuiet Night offers a way for parents to sleep through the night while keeping their alert baby entertained. This product consists of a handle that lives in baby’s crib. When the baby wakes up, he/she is supposed to grab the handle which will play music. The longer the baby holds the handle, the more the system will remember that song as soothing to the child. To change the song, the baby need only let go and pull the handle again. Quiet Night features over 125 classical/soothing/acoustic songs handpicked by child psychologists.

The whole idea of soothing classical music comforting a restless child is the stuff of WASPy dreams. The actual execution is doubtful, however. How is an infant supposed to know how to control the music or that holding the handle longer indicates that they like the song? The whole things sounds a little ridiculous and is made even more so by the flaunting of partnering up with child psychologists who supposedly helped design the product. Still, tired parents dazzled at the thought of a full night’s sleep can have one of their own for $59 with delivery set for October 2015. Quiet Night is looking for $100,000 in funding on Indiegogo with a campaign end date of April 23.

Cycling Lighting Nutrition/Hydration

Aqualight water bottle quenches need for bike path lighting safety, thirst

AquaLightCycling at night can be dangerous and it’s imperative to have forward- and back-facing lights for your ride. AquaLight is a water bottle with built-in lights. The back light is red and faces back while the forward light is white. Obviously, the bottle also holds water and sits in the beverage cage. The creators claim that the lights are bright enough for safety, but it’s hard to tell, especially since they sit so low in between the bike frame and wheels. In addition, not all bikes have beverage cages, so the light is impractical for bikes without this feature. Still, for interested backers, AquaLight will cost $40 with choice of color. This lit-up water bottle hopes to raise $17,000 on Kickstarter.


Lumen skips the add-ons, lights up the whole bike frame

lumenAs bike safety becomes more and more of a concern for car-haters, the market has become filled with safety lighting devices for riding at night like Revolights. Lumen puts a spin on safety lighting and offers a completely reflective bicycle that glows at night. This retro looking bike offers style, function and safety in one product. For a single-speed Lumen, backers must shell out $1,245 with an estimated delivery date of July 2014. These San Franciscan creators offer multi-speed bikes at higher reward tiers. Lumen hopes to raise $15,000 in its 30-day Kickstarter campaign.


GlassXPro puts headlights on the head for nighttime romps

GlassxproEver need light at night, but need your hands free at the same time? Introducting GlassXPro, a pair of glasses with bright LED lights attached, making nighttime rummaging or traveling all the easier. GlassXPro joins the safety market, with tons of other lighting devices designed to make you more visible at night, like Vega Edge lights. One setback of wearing glasses with lights is that the rider can’t wear their prescription glasses if necessary. A pair of these luminous glasses goes for $25 on Kickstarter with an estimated delivery date of May 2014. The glasses creators hope to raise $8,000 in a 30-day campaign.


Vega Edge blends fashion and safety with stylish blinker

Vega EdgeWalking, cycling, and jogging at night are greatly improved by increased visibility. Vega Edge presents a wearable light for such occasions. The light offers different flashing modes and is made with leather and magnets so that it can clip onto the edge of any garment or bag and is far more discreet than other night-time visibility aids. Choices of light color, shape and leather are all customizations that Vega’s creators offer. Buyers of this light will even have the option to change the flashing pattern of the light if they wish. One early Vega Edge goes for $55 CAD with an estimated delivery date of August 2014. Vega hopes to raise $32,000 CAD in its 21-day Kickstarter campaign.