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Qlipter is the final word in carabiners

qlipterWhen the carabiner made the jump from mountain climbing tool to everyday accessory, it seemed like the garment clip industry had pretty much reached its zenith. Now comes the Qlipter, a small and mighty device that looks like a standard carabiner but is capable of so much more. Made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, the Qlipter has a rotating hook built into its design, meaning that anything clipped can be hung and allowed to swivel freely.  The clip is also magnetized to help keep it securely shut for towing or hauling smaller items onto larger ones. Backers can get a Qlipter of their very own to hang onto for $20, delivered in August.

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Top Loader luggage opens wide for your reach inside

TopEver needed to add some last minute items to your luggage when traveling? The Top Loader spinner suitcase has a zippered section accessible from the top, allowing people to add or remove items from their suitcase without having to lay it down on the ground. Last-minute packing is another huge advantage to this product for backers with time-management issues. Currently, only a carry-on size is available for purchase. This clever hamper on wheels comes in either black or silver and goes for $70 on Indiegogo with an estimated delivery date of August 2014. Top hopes to raise $27,500 in a 30-day campaign.