Adaptalux offers a hydra of color to light up macro photography

editors-choiceMacro photography can produce some startling images. However, unlike, say, portraiture that is often done in a studio, it’s difficult to have fin control over the kind of lighting and color in an image.

Adaptalux is a lighting add-on that attaches to the hot shoe of a digital SLR camera. The main unit hosts up to five flexible hose-like LED lights in five different hues that can be used with diffusers or gels to produce striking lighting effects for pictures of small objects such as leaves or bugs. The company also offers a miniature platform for staging such spectacles. Adaptalux Ltd. seeks £100,000 (about $150,000) by May 2nd. Prices range from about £100 (about $150) for a starter pack that includes two lighting arms) to £300 (about $445) for the complete set of lighting arms, diffusers and filters. All rewards are expected to ship in November.

Adaptalux dramatically expands the color options available to macro photographers in the studio or the field and the flexibility of the lights allow for a great deal of creative control. While the product has a companion app, it would be great to see it control the brightness of the various lights directly rather than merely offering advice, a feature that’s likely on the roadmap.

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MAGcro is another smartphone macro lens ready for extreme close-ups

It’s amazing how the world of photography has opened up to anyone who owns a smartphone or tablet these days. In fact, even macro photography is an option because of products such as MAGcro. This item was created by a couple of ophthalmologists and works with a smartphone or tablet, offering up to 10 times of magnification. The aspheric lens is fire-polished and made of high quality crown glass. The micro suction base makes it universal, compatible with most smartphones and tablets.

One of MAGcro’s best features is that it’s easy to transport since it is small enough to attach to a key ring. Though one might want to consider the possibility of a scratched lens before carrying it around that way. This campaign seeks to raise $5,000 NZD (~$4,000 USD) by December 13, 2014. For $25 NZD (~$20 USD), early bird backers get one lens with an expected delivery of February 2015.