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The REARM fitness shirt knows when you’re hot, you’re hot

Despite the risk of injury reduced by 90% with a proper, full warm-up, most people don’t truly do so. The biggest reason why being that most don’t know when they’ve reached that point.

For all those in the dark, there’s REARM. The workout shirt is a low-tech solution to an age-old difficulty, using thermochromic color change tech in the shirt’s logo to signify when the wearer is truly warmed up and ready for exercise. In addition, to make working out slightly easier and more comfortable, an inline pocket for smartphones and valuables is present on the shirt’s front bottom right corner along with moisture-wicking AIRTUBE technology in its fibers for a drier shirt more of the time. REARM is going for about $25 and is expected by April 2016. The campaign is looking for $1,500 by January 20th, 2016 to bring their shirt to life.

While an interesting idea, REARM pales in comparison to the hugely popular Radiate shirts. They both feature moisture-wicking technology, but the latter changes color at specific points on the shirt to signify warmed-up sections of the body. In the end, its far more useful to not only know you’ve warmed up, but what part of the body has, too.