Mandala’s many samples will help you bang on the drum all day


Electronic drums that allow users to create a variety of sounds in addition to those that can be created with traditional acoustic percussion instruments have been around for many years.

patent-claimedMandala Drum V3 System is an advanced take on electronic drums — a drum head pad that can trigger 100,000 sound samples via its software, according to its Indiegogo campaign. Mandala is based on a patented position sensing membrane switch that its makers say is able to sense where the user is striking the drum and how hard.


Kids/Babies Music

The World’s First Kids Guitar is sized to let your chip off the old block rock

Kids GuitarThe World’s First Kids Guitar offers a six-strong guitar that’s specifically designed for kids. With a child’s size and accident proneness in mind, the right-sized instrument is designed to be lightweight with fragile parts better protected than they are on regular guitars. Different reward tiers offer a variety of perks including studio session time and the like, but the most basic reward tier that includes the guitar goes for $250; the project creator justifies the price by moting that the guitar uses premium components and materials. The current estimated availability is July 2014. The World’s First Kids Guitar’s creators are looking to raise $10,000 on Kickstarter in their 25-day campaign.