Backerjack Podcast #20: Catching Thoughts and Generating Buzz

In Episode 20 of the Backerjack Podcast, guest host Michael Rose and Ross check out some of the latest products seeking funds and preorders:’

  • Myle Tap, a Bluetooth microphone that captures your thoughts on the go and can route them to a wide range of apps.
  • Doppel, a watch-like device that rhythmically buzzes your wrist to calm you down or rev you up..

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Input Wearables

Note to Self: Myle Tap captures your brilliance, spreads it around apps

The smartphone has become the main conduit to the cloud that stores many of our precious expressions — photos, e-mails and notes. It’s nearly always with us, but not always so easily accessed, for example, when we’re driving. And so smartwatches have emerged as a way to quickly get little bits of information out of the smartphone without removing its increasing profile from our pockets.

Myle Tap is, in some ways, the opposite of a smartwatch in that it’s focused almost exclusively on input, specifically, the jotting down of notes, random thoughts, to dos and short messages that often escape our memory . But the clippable microphone isn’t just a modern-day smartphone connected voice recorder once associated with reminders. The folder organization of those devices have been replaced with a host of app integrations for services such as Evernote and OneNote (which seem like naturals),, social stalwarts Facebook and Twitter, team app darling Slack and to-do list Wunderlist, which was recently acquired by Microsoft, with more on the way. Because of the intelligent crowd it hands with, Mlle Tap identifies at least 15 different kinds of tasks with which it can help, from adding a to-do to your list to controlling the Internet of Things.