The Backerjack Podcast, Episode 11: Neptune’s suite, a dash cam’s beat, and stress retreat

In Episode 11 of The Backerjack Podcast, Steve and Ross check out three of the latest products seeking funds and preorders.

  • Neptune Suite, a family of computing products that rely on having all the computing intelligence in the smartwatch. It’s the most audacious mobile tech product mashup since the Dragonfly Futurefon.
  • LyfeLens, a connected dash cam that monitor your car even when it’s parked and serve as a mobile hotspot
  • Emvio, a stress-manaagement watch that relies on measuring heart rate variability.

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Neptune Suite makes the smartwatch the center of your digital life

editors-choiceLots of companies are hopping on the smartwatch bandwagon these days. Most, like the Kickstarter record-setting Pebble Time watch, are accessories to smartphones; others include a  and make them standalone devices.

However, no family of products has done as much to elevate the smartwatch as the king of all devices as the Neptune Suite. Montreal-based Neptune, which first found crowdfunding success exponentially crushing its Kickstarter goal for the chunky Neptune Pine, has switched to Indiegogo with a bangle-like smartwatch called the Neptune Hub. It’s packed with technology. But that’s just the beginning of the Suite’s story.