Health and Wellness

Collapsible Lily Cup goes with the flow as a tampon alternative

Tampons, maxi pads and the like can be a huge pain. Not to mention the fact that their disposable nature makes them costly and bad for the environment. Lily Cup is a recyclable cup to use during your period. It’s flexible and comes in two different sizes. The pink cup folds into a discreet case so it can be carried around anywhere. According to the campaign, the cup works for up to 10 hours, much longer than any tampon. For $33, lady backers will receive one Lily Cup in their choice of size and color (dark pink or light pink) for estimated delivery in December 2014. Lily Cup is looking to raise $7,800 on Kickstarter.

For women who are used to the whole tampon/pad routine, switching to the Lily Cup may be a bit of a shock. Still, most agree that tampons aren’t exactly the best for women’s health. The Diva Cup is known as the original menstrual cup, but the Lily Cup takes ease of use a step further by adding portability. All in all, it may be worth it to make the adjustment in order to save money and waste.


BlanCat offers comfort for kitties in knead, will likely be ignored by them

BlanCatCat owners know that adorable thing that cats do when they climb aboard your lap, they pad you. This is super cute, but sometimes when claws get involved it can hurt. The BlanCat is a blanket (get it?) that has air pockets that cats will want to pad instead of you. It is supposed to mimic a mommy cat’s belly, the original pad destination. This fleece blanket comes in blue or cream and costs backers $18 for an early price or $25 regularly with an estimated delivery date of September 2014. BlanCat hopes to scratch up $10,600 in its 35-day Kickstarter campaign.