DoughEZ preps your dough for a grand rollout

There’s something about homemade cookies, pies, pizza and other treats that just somehow doesn’t seem available in generic store bought or bakery items. Years ago, grandma had her secrets that she passed along to visiting grandchildren, but nowadays, grandma has to work just like mom does. That’s where DoughEZ comes in. Though lovers of baking still have to mix up their own dough, this product promises to help them roll it out to the perfect thickness for each baked delight every time. The dough rolling system consists of a plastic, non-stick surface and guide sticks that can double as a frame for no-bake items. The system is touted as being suitable for everyone from professional bakers to beginners. The best way to clean the system is not clearly indicated, but it does appear that it may be able to help reduce the mess that comes with using flour when making homemade goods. This campaign is seeking to raise $500 by November 1, 2014. For $50, backers get one system with an expected delivery of December 2014.