Gleamfire saves water for washing cars, may save California from dusty rides

Washing your car is a great way to keep it clean and preserve its paint job. Frequent trips to the car wash can be costly, though. And washing it yourself uses a lot of water.

patent-claimedGleamfire hopes to save water while also delivering a super clean car. This product goes beyond the bucket, as its campaign says, and uses only one and half gallons of water to get the job done. The clear cylinder holds the water and no-rinse car wash soap. To use, insert the washing mitt into the cylinder and pump up and down to rinse it. The pump contains a filter so it keeps the mitt in clean water eliminating the need for additional fresh water. The special soap doesn’t require an additional rinse, so washing the car with the mitt is enough to get it sparkling clean.

Gleamfire offers a great way to save water, especially important right now in California with its epic ongoing drought. It uses simple innovation to cut down on the water usage and cost associated with washing one’s car. Those who would like one will need to donate $97 for delivery in April 2016. Gleamfire is looking to raise $129,000 on Indiegogo.


Jimbox Foodwrap dispenser beats the box in wrap battles

Jimbox FoodwrapThere is always a wrestling match that ensues when it’s time to get out the plastic wrap. It’s wrap against human as the plastic folds over, clings to itself and taunts its human challenger: “Go ahead punk! I dare you to just try to rip me!” Well, it would seem that Jimbox Foodwrap is up for the challenge. The adjustable end points and feed-thru tension make it easy to pull through and cut off the desired amount with the closing of the lid. While this might make ripping easier, it’s questionable if it will prevent the folding over issue. For £16, backers get one product with an expected delivery of April 2015.