Cell Phone Accessories

i Ready O turns old iPhones into super cool retro radios

As new iPhones come out each year, many people upgrade and are left with what’s considered a useless piece of junk—their old phones. Technology changes so fast that many of these old iPhones are pretty much rendered useless with each passing upgrade cycle.

For those who have old iPhones and nostalgia for the past, i Ready O is worth trying out. This product works with iPhone 4 and 5 models and transforms old phones into retro radios. Insert the phone into the device to assemble. The touch screen is visible for time reading and volume control. All other controls can be accessed through buttons on the top and sides of the radio. i Ready O actually does look like a vintage radio and plays music in the same way.

Many people use their old iPhones solely for music, so i Ready O is already on the right track. It makes old iPhones easier to use while making it look much cooler too, especially for those with an affinity for old time radio. One device will cost backers a donation of $88 CAD (~$71 USD) with estimated delivery in July 2015. i Ready O is looking for $60,000 CAD (~$48,300 USD) in funding on Kickstarter with a campaign end date of March 25, 2015.

Tech Accessories

PC Daddy converts your computer into a multiband radio receiver

There is still a contingent of traditional radio enthusiasts out there. No doubt some of them would love to get access to a much wider offering of traditional radio stations on their PCs than is currently possible now.

PC Daddy is a USB AM/FM/shortwave radio device that can transform a Windows-based computer into a multi-band radio receiver without spending a lot of money. Once connected to a computer, the small (3.5″x4.5″) box enables users to completely control all functions of the radio from a PC screen and hear the sound through the computer’s speakers. Backers who pledge $185 will get a PC Daddy when it ships in December.  This product is looking to raise $30,000 on Kickstarter.

The product has promise, albeit for a very niche audience. DXing enthusiasts who like to receive distant radio stations will probably like the fact that PC Daddy displays the location, city, and distance from the user of the possible stations tuned on AM and shortwave modes. That feature gives them the ability to have a good idea of what station they are listening to without relying on the station to announce its call letters, especially if the announcement is made in a foreign language. PC Daddy is comparable to Winradio products, but cheaper.

Connected Objects

MiRadio is a simple way to send text messages without Wi-Fi or cell service

miradioMost people use their phones more for texting than phone calls, but depending on plans texting can be an expensive habit to have. MiRadio is a wireless text communicator that functions on radio waves and can operate for up to 1.6 miles. The device itself is no-frills, with a simple text-only display and a basic keyboard, so the battery will last for a long time. Because of the distance limitations and the single function of the device, it’s not likely to replace texting through phones for most consumers, and instead more resembles those pocket communicators that were marketed to kids in the 90s. If MiRadio sounds desirable, backers can get it for $200 in July.