Cell Phone Accessories

i Ready O turns old iPhones into super cool retro radios

As new iPhones come out each year, many people upgrade and are left with what’s considered a useless piece of junk—their old phones. Technology changes so fast that many of these old iPhones are pretty much rendered useless with each passing upgrade cycle.

For those who have old iPhones and nostalgia for the past, i Ready O is worth trying out. This product works with iPhone 4 and 5 models and transforms old phones into retro radios. Insert the phone into the device to assemble. The touch screen is visible for time reading and volume control. All other controls can be accessed through buttons on the top and sides of the radio. i Ready O actually does look like a vintage radio and plays music in the same way.

Many people use their old iPhones solely for music, so i Ready O is already on the right track. It makes old iPhones easier to use while making it look much cooler too, especially for those with an affinity for old time radio. One device will cost backers a donation of $88 CAD (~$71 USD) with estimated delivery in July 2015. i Ready O is looking for $60,000 CAD (~$48,300 USD) in funding on Kickstarter with a campaign end date of March 25, 2015.

Kids/Babies Toys

DIY SodaJet bottle rocket kit converts, takes your two-liters airborne

Little kids love to see things explode. For them, it’s fascinating to watch rockets defy gravity and shoot up into the air. The only thing is that most rockets are dangerous and require delicate motors and fire in order to launch.

Christopher Garmen of the SodaJet has taken rocket launching and made it kid-friendly. He uses 3-D printed parts and standard two liter soda bottles to make rockets. These rockets use air pressure instead of fire to shoot skyward. Not only is this a safe method for children to use, it’s also cost-effective. Garmen uses his campaign to reminisce about being a kid and launching rockets, disappointed at how disposable and expensive they were. Now, he’s got his four-year-old daughter launching SodaJet rockets with Barbie attached, kind of an awesome mini-feminist statement. The parts consist of a cone head, fins and a release mechanism.

SodaJet takes the best of recycling, science, and good clean fun to create a cool toy for kids to play outside with. Best of all, it doesn’t involve any kind of screen. Backers looking for more G-rated fun should also check out the Moonshot Ring Launcher. One SodaJet DIY kit requires a $25 donation for estimated delivery in April 2015, provided SodaJet can reach its $5,000 Kickstarter goal.

Food and Beverage

SipSmart Cap is another cover to stop the spill

SipSmartKids and stuff getting spilled are two things that go together in life. SipSmart lets parents and caretakers put a spill-proof lid on bottled water, juices and smoothies. The mess prevention technology works because of the anti-leak, choke prevention valve near the top of the straw and the stopper below the screw cap. The beverage’s original cap just gets discarded and replaced with the SipSmart bottle cap for liquid security and a small addition to parental sanity. While it’s probably safe to assume that the caps can be reused, it’s not clear as to whether or not they are dishwasher safe. For $20, backers get two sets and an expected delivery of January 2015.