Food and Beverage

SipSmart Cap is another cover to stop the spill

SipSmartKids and stuff getting spilled are two things that go together in life. SipSmart lets parents and caretakers put a spill-proof lid on bottled water, juices and smoothies. The mess prevention technology works because of the anti-leak, choke prevention valve near the top of the straw and the stopper below the screw cap. The beverage’s original cap just gets discarded and replaced with the SipSmart bottle cap for liquid security and a small addition to parental sanity. While it’s probably safe to assume that the caps can be reused, it’s not clear as to whether or not they are dishwasher safe. For $20, backers get two sets and an expected delivery of January 2015.



DEET-free Invisaband helps take the sting out of summer

invisabandsThere’s nothing more annoying than realizing mosquitoes will be joining you while you try to enjoy a cool summer’s night. All we’ve ever had to protect ourselves thus far are unreliable, environmentally damaging chemicals. The DEET-free Invisaband, however, promises the holy grail of mosquito repellent with a geraniol-infused, adjustable microfiber strap that claims 120 hours of reusable mosquito avoidance. It’s a lot less bulky than the Off Clip and doesn’t need batteries. Backers can obtain their very own pack of 5 for $19 USD to avoid ever having to wake up looking like a pepperoni pizza again. The campaign is aiming for $10,000 by September 13th, 2014.

Cell Phone Accessories

Linkmount is a versatile phone leash for the screen smasher in your life

linkmountTaking a concept as simple as preventing people from dropping their phones and turning it into a versatile smartphone accessory is no easy feat. The Linkmount is such a device, offering a reusable, sturdy system to keep phones from being damaged. The phone accessory offers a detachable leash that can be tied to any belt loop or worn around the neck in addition to a ring that slides out and can be worn around a finger or used as a stand. A phone stand is one thing, but a device like this that has so many great features is a simple must-own for anyone dedicated to getting the most from their smartphone. Backers who pledge $20 can get their Linkmount in December.

Food and Beverage Kids/Babies

Sili Squeeze is just the container for when you’re feeling mushy

The Premise. Children or recovering medical patients tend to stick with smoother foods, like purees and sauces. The only problem with eating these is that they can be really messy and are definitely not portable. Food manufacturers offer foods that come in these pouches, but are always disposable. This can result in a solution that’s less ecologically friendly and offers less choice.

The Product. The Sili Squeeze is a silicone food pouch designed for smoother foods. The removable lid makes it easy to wash the pouch and dispense food into it. The spout has a cover on it to prevent messes. This product comes in several different colors and one other variation called the Sili Squeeze with Eeze which is a more free-flowing version.

The Pitch. For a relatively wet product, the campaign video is a little dry, but does go into some cool details about how the Sili Squeeze is (accidentally) great for medical patients and special needs children. The campaign also shows prototypes and pictures of some adorable kids using the products. Sili Squeeze is aiming to raise $25,000 in a 30-day Kickstarter campaign.

The Perks. The 2 oz. Sili Squeeze goes for an early price of $15. A 4 oz. version costs $19 and a 6 oz. only $20. Other tiers offer different combination packs of these pouches with an estimated delivery date of July 2014. Reward tiers go up to $100.

The Potential. The pouch is perhaps the least appreciated food receptacle. As mentioned in the campaign video, food manufacturers offer disposable pouches, but these can be quite expensive. Similar products, like the Squooshi Reusable Food Pouch offer food pouches in the same way, but are geared only towards children and customer reviews show that they’re hard to clean. The Sili Squeeze offers a unique and portable way to eat pureed foods over and over again. Its added benefit of accessibility to toddlers, hospital patients and special needs children makes it all the more versatile.

Organization Writing

Octopad delivers a reusable sticky note for ephemeral permanence

OctopadSticky notes are a great way to leave reminders, passive aggressive notes and to-do lists around the house. The only problem is that they’re disposable and bad for the environment. The Octopad offers little notepads that stick to surfaces and are reusable. They’re mini dry erase boards that are able to travel, much like the Stick On Whiteboard and the Zipboard Roll-Up Travel Whiteboard that offer the convenience of a whiteboard with the portability of a notepad. For five-pack, backers can donate £8 for this British product with an estimated delivery date of September 2014. Octopad hopes to raise £4,500 in a 35-day Kickstarter campaign.