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Octopad delivers a reusable sticky note for ephemeral permanence

OctopadSticky notes are a great way to leave reminders, passive aggressive notes and to-do lists around the house. The only problem is that they’re disposable and bad for the environment. The Octopad offers little notepads that stick to surfaces and are reusable. They’re mini dry erase boards that are able to travel, much like the Stick On Whiteboard and the Zipboard Roll-Up Travel Whiteboard that offer the convenience of a whiteboard with the portability of a notepad. For five-pack, backers can donate £8 for this British product with an estimated delivery date of September 2014. Octopad hopes to raise £4,500 in a 35-day Kickstarter campaign.


ThinkBook provides dry-erase tablet alternative to the never-ending notebook

ThinkBook  9697903696fb89405f4e644f40e3aacb_large[1]So you’re out at a restaurant and this really great idea pops into your head. Alas, you will imminently need that napkin for the sauce-doused pasta and any attempt to wrest the iPad back from your child will meet with vociferous protest. The creator of ThinkBook can sympathize. Hence, the idea for the 5×7 dry erase notebook was born. It comes with 15 pages and a dry erase marker, much to the relief of every waiter and waitress. Of course, with the pages a scarce commodity, you’ll need to find alternative means to sharing your idea rather than ripping out a sheet. Maybe you can borrow that iPad — or at least its camera — for a moment, after all. For $25 backers get a complete product and expected delivery of June 2014.