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Diginote lets you take digital notes without the lag

Digital notepad devices are handy devices, allowing users to jot down ideas when there’s no pen or paper nearby. A common problem with most digital notepads, however, is that there’s a noticeable lag when writing.

The Diginote digital notepad is a device aims to overcomes this pesky lag issue. The device comes equipped with a stylus, but if users prefer, Diginote’s makers note that any ballpoint pen can be used on the device as well. A version of Diginote without Bluetooth capability has already been designed and costs $59. With its current Indiegogo campaign, its maker is hoping to release a Bluetooth model for $69, provided that the campaign can raise $5,000 by April 6. Both versions of the device are expected to ship in July.

The main issue with Diginote is that most of its capabilities can apparently already be done on existing mobile devices via third party apps. It’s also hard to tell from the campaign video alone if Diginote, as promised, truly incorporates a no-lag writing experience. It’s also unclear how comfortable and natural the writing experience is.

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Octopad delivers a reusable sticky note for ephemeral permanence

OctopadSticky notes are a great way to leave reminders, passive aggressive notes and to-do lists around the house. The only problem is that they’re disposable and bad for the environment. The Octopad offers little notepads that stick to surfaces and are reusable. They’re mini dry erase boards that are able to travel, much like the Stick On Whiteboard and the Zipboard Roll-Up Travel Whiteboard that offer the convenience of a whiteboard with the portability of a notepad. For five-pack, backers can donate £8 for this British product with an estimated delivery date of September 2014. Octopad hopes to raise £4,500 in a 35-day Kickstarter campaign.