ThinkBook provides dry-erase tablet alternative to the never-ending notebook

ThinkBook  9697903696fb89405f4e644f40e3aacb_large[1]So you’re out at a restaurant and this really great idea pops into your head. Alas, you will imminently need that napkin for the sauce-doused pasta and any attempt to wrest the iPad back from your child will meet with vociferous protest. The creator of ThinkBook can sympathize. Hence, the idea for the 5×7 dry erase notebook was born. It comes with 15 pages and a dry erase marker, much to the relief of every waiter and waitress. Of course, with the pages a scarce commodity, you’ll need to find alternative means to sharing your idea rather than ripping out a sheet. Maybe you can borrow that iPad — or at least its camera — for a moment, after all. For $25 backers get a complete product and expected delivery of June 2014.

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