Brochette Express saves making kabobs from the slobs

The Premise. It’s the perfect summer day and you’ve invited some friends over for a pool party and to show off your grilling skills extraordinaire. The lengthy warm days with weekend cookouts and friends are supposed to be relaxing and fun. But the preparation for those grilled delights can be the pits!

The Product. Brochette Express allows you put that pit back in its place and reclaim your territory as master chef of fine outdoor edible fare. Like so many other important things in life, it all begins in the kitchen. The product was inspired because of how long it takes to cut up meat, veggies, fruit and then put each piece on a skewer. Looking something like an illusionist’s chamber for driving swords through a person, the slatted, rectangular container is placed on its base and holds meat, veggies or fruit. Layer as desired, and once filled, a lid with 16 skewer holes is placed on top. Bamboo or stainless steel skewers are inserted through the holes, cut along the slats, and voila! Sprinkle with your favorite seasonings and grill, baby, grill.

The Pitch. The video for the $30,000 campaign doesn’t explain what type of material the rectangular container is made of, though it appears to be some form of plastic. Gender war aficionados will appreciate the video in which of the lady of the house skewers her kabumbling male cohabitant. After showing him how to do brochettes the express way, she lets him save his masculine face by carting them out to the grill for testosterone-tinged heating.

The Perks. There are seven tiers from which backers may choose. For $25, backers get a complete product plus 16 bamboo skewers. $50 gets stainless steel skewers rather than bamboo. The estimated delivery is May 2014.

The Potential. Brochette Express is ideal for adults those who really enjoy entertaining and grilling, no matter what their age or gender. While it’s quite easy to find skewers, there doesn’t seem to be anything out there that aides with a quick and easy preparation process for those who enjoy cooking and dining on kabobs. Brochette Express appears to make the cut.

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