IRring is the one ring to rule them all, your devices that is

It would be great to just point a finger at the TV to turn it on or off. Especially if the TV remote can’t be tracked down.

IRring enables users to do just that. The wearable remote control ring can be used to control a TV, DVD player, Blu-ray player, cable box, lamp or almost any other appliance. The IR-enabled ring works with most models and infrared receivers, according to the New Mexico-based company E-Innovations’s Kickstarter campaign. The initial run of the ring will be made using a 3D printer. Backers who pledge $20 will get one ring when it ships in March. Regular pricing isn’t given at the Web site. The new company is hoping to raise $15,000 to finish the ring’s design, order minimum quantities of chips and other components, and start developing other wearable devices as part of a home automation line.

Even if the company’s universal compatibility claim proves true, IRring pales in comparison to several other rival smart rings, including the Nod. For one thing, its functionality is rather limited. It obviously lacks the functionality of most universal remotes. At this stage, IRing looks much cheaper than comparable products. This product will need to up its game in function and style in order to compete in the market.

Watches and Jewelry

RingSafe provides a hangout when your digits are diligent

RingSafeIn theory, the wedding ring is something that should never be taken off. But the reality is that life often provides situations that demand jettisoning the jewelry. In fact, it can be a regular occurrence in many professions such as the chef and dental hygienist endorsing the RingSafe Solo, a way to securely keep your ring on your key chain or a necklace. Unlike other options, the RingSafe allows the ring to lay flat against your chest. While a version is in the works that can accommodate a ring up to 11.5 mm wide, the standard stainless steel version  can accommodate rings up to 7 mm. It is slated to become available to backers in June 2014 for $25, a small sum to help protect that which lends dazzle to your digits. The project creators will also make versions available in sterling silver ($250) and solid gold ($2,000).