Hamtoner pulls the strings when it comes to strengthening glutes, calves and the lower back

Getting used to the pounding heat of the sun and cold pouring rain is all a part of track and field. That’s why the best place for outdoor sports enthusiasts to train is outside. Hamtoner is another tool that sports lovers can use to help strengthen their lower body so they have what it takes to not just cross the finish line, but win the prize, too. Auger screws allow the unit to be anchored to the ground right next to the playing field so that strengthening buttocks, calves and lower back can be just as much a part of the training routine as other important aspects of building up the body for those winning moments. The unit is lightweight enough to be taken on the road for keeping up with workouts during travel, but it seems that the Auger screws may create a challenge for getting Hamtoner unanchored and packed into one’s vehicle. This campaign seeks to raise $4,750 by November 16, 2014. For $375, backers get one product with an expected delivery of December 2014.