Shadowball offers balls-to-the-wall exercise with portable punching bag

Some prefer swimming, some running and others yoga to stay in shape. Then there are those who scoff at such tame sports and instead choose boxing. There are two elements to boxing: punching technique and footwork. For help with the former, check out Shadowball. This punching ball is like no other. Instead of being strung up in a large framework or by a chain, it’s completely portable and can be use anywhere there’s a wall. Just punch over and over again to keep the ball up as it ricochets off the wall back to you. This product uses some kind of special technology to make sure the ball bounces with an even rhythm to help make your punches more accurate. The creator, a boxing enthusiast himself says that it helps for a straighter punch since you’re angled right at the wall.

The campaign video does a good job of showing the Shadowball in motion and makes it look like the ball stays up pretty easily. However, the man in the video is probably very good, making it apparent that this product isn’t for boxing beginners. In addition, it doesn’t help boxers with any kind of right or left hook because it’ll only stay up with a straight punch. Still, its portability is unique and may prove very fun for boxers. For their own, backers will need to donate $140 CAD (~$122 USD) for delivery in March 2015. Shadowbox is looking to raise $40,000 CAD (~$35,000 USD) on Kickstarter.