Health and Wellness

Germavoid wraps the finger of the most Purell of heart

People don’t realize that the most dangerous things they encounter on a daily basis are teeny tiny. Germs and bacteria live quietly on door handles, toilet seats, phones, elevator buttons and pretty much everywhere else.

Ignoring these germs is downright impossible. While fighting them is always an option, it’s preferable to never even encounter them at all. Germavoid is a way to keep the outside world on the outside. This little condom slips over the finger in times of public touching. Germavoid features a plastic shield with hole in it. The hole is filled with red rubber that goes over the finger. It’s pocket-sized and can be carried around anywhere. The rubber is retractable to keep the germs hidden and it even features an opening in the bottom to affix it to a keychain.

People love new ways to avoid germs. Whether or not this product will keep the user from ever getting sick remains up for debate. Still, many people still worry about germs and would like a way to avoid touching public fixtures altogether. Germavoid is a reasonable, albeit slightly awkward way to do just that. One unit will cost backers $15 for estimated delivery in September 2015. This product is looking to raise $50,000 on Kickstarter by April 15.

Health and Wellness Sensors/IoT

Fever Smart lets you monitor your kids for lobal warming

The Premise. When your child is sick, it’s important to monitor their temperature constantly. Fever spikes in the night can go unnoticed by parents who don’t want to keep waking their children up to take their temperature. It can be dangerous to miss this important information in regards to your child’s health.

The Product. Fever Smart is an easy and effective way to monitor your child’s health. The sensor sits under your child’s armpit and is attached with a sticky patch. It keeps track of your child’s temperature and sends alerts via Wi-fi to the accompanying smartphone app. Currently, Fever Smart is only compatible with Apple and even works with the new iOS 8. Any information gathered is automatically uploaded to Apple’s iCloud so the information is accessible for multiple users anywhere. The sensor runs on battery and Fever Smart is FDA-approved.

The Pitch. Fever Smart’s campaign video features its many chief operators discussing their product. Their main motivation for Fever Smart was the health and safety of children. The campaign promises that upon reaching 150% of their $40,000 goal, that the creators will work on making Fever Smart Android compatible as well.

The Perks. Early birds can enjoy this smart fever monitor for $99 or at a regular price of $129. For those who just can’t wait, $179 will get them the app and product a month earlier than the rest in December 2014. Estimated delivery for the regular tiers is set for January 2015.

The Potential. Fever Smart has several things going for it. One, it continuously monitors fever in times of sickness. Two, it’s non-invasive. And three, it uploads information to the iCloud so it’s readily available. This isn’t the only smart fever monitoring device out there, however. The Kinsa Smart Thermometer also hooks up to smartphones to deliver comprehensive data, but Kinsa only allows for one-at-a-time temperature readings. As for Fever Smart, the only question is how comfortable those sensors are, especially for kids who tend to be finicky about having things attached to their bodies. Still, this product is a cool, innovative product for helicopter moms who want to make sure their kids are okay.

Relaxation Sleep Travel

JQ Headrest lets you bury your face in slumber, perhaps shame

JQ HeadrestThe problem of rest while in transit is a doozy. For those who have trouble falling asleep on the move, traveling can be extremely uncomfortable. The JQ Headrest aims at helping weary passengers get some rest. It comprises of an adjustable pole that rests on the forehead and chest to let passengers sleep leaning forward. Despite its awkward look, it claims to be effective, much like the Forward Front Face Pillow Cushion. If backers think they can get it past security, they only have to pay $36 (if they live in China and have a lung disease) for delivery in August 2014. Healthy, non-Chinese backers must donate $99. JQ hopes to raise a huge $386,000 goal in a 27-day Kickstarter campaign.