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Atom Fliye connected hoverboard lets you zip, if not fly, around the neighborhood

Hoverboards have been heavily hyped for the past year or so despite the fact that none of them that have reached the market actually do what the name implies –- namely, hover above the ground in the air, like they did in the popular “Back to the Future” movies.

Atom Fliye is a connected hoverboard that has a single, wide wheel. It promises to travel 7 ½ miles on a single charge, and can go uphill and ride down stairs, as well as travel over rocky surfaces or grass, its makers say. A companion app is being developed for Android and iOS mobile devices that can be used to start the board. It also adds anti-theft functionality. The app shows users the exact speed the board is traveling at, mileage and battery-life. It also enables users to adjust everything on the board, including its speed.

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Row, row, row your board gently down the street with the Braap Stik land paddle

The craze of land paddling has sprung up in many cities around the world, leading confused pedestrians standing idly in confusion. A common issue with a lot of land paddles centers on stiffness, lack of contact and lack of portability, making it hard to truly incorporate the activity into everyday life.

The Braap Stik’s small design cues are big on solving these issues. It uses a bouncy, fiberglass arm to not only maintain contact with the ground but also provide riders with more balance, power and distance with every stroke — all with less effort. In its closed, retracted position, the Braap Stik measures 30 inches long while it reaches 6 feet when fully extended.

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Innovation is reduced to a Single Foot Skate

It seems like every day in the crowdfunding world brings yet another way to shave down the commute or simply get around in a new and novel way. And while there are many respectable alternatives (FIT and the Freedom Trike both come to mind), some aim to create a completely new experience — sometimes pushing the boundaries a little too far.

The Single Foot Skate (SFS) is exactly what it says it is: a skate designed to be used with one foot. Although it is admittedly light, easy to carry, and potentially somewhat easier to use, it certainly looks as awkward as it sounds. It also incredibly DIY-looking and is far from any sort of a finished product. The SFS is going for $180 and is expected by June 2016. The campaign is looking for $3,150 by January 18th, 2016 to begin the process of injection molding the product.

The product seems half-baked. Subtracting a skate from the pair does not a good idea make. On the plus side, it’s made from completely recycled materials, so kudos to the eco-friendly nature of the product. The equally silly Walk Wings are a better idea as at least they offer retractable wheels on a entire set of skates, but at the point you might as well risk catching fire on a hoverboard

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AlumaDeck puts some grating in your skating

alumadeckEver wondered what it would be like to ride an aluminum skateboard? Well, these guys did, so they developed one. The AlumaDeck is much more durable than your average skateboard, so serious skaters can get some really good use out of it. It’s also lighter than an average board and won’t warp if you ride through water. The video features skaters that wax poetic about the board’s handling and durability. However, you’ve got to be willing to drop $150 just to get a short board, so only serious skaters need to kickflip over to this deal.