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Adventurers Hammock keeps bugs and elements at bay

Adventurers HammockWith a goal of perfecting the ultimate backpack, Adventurers Hammock blends sleeping bag, hammock and tent into one piece that is easily strung between a couple of trees using standard hiking gear. The inventors have piled on a lot of really neat features with this one, including the option to use a variety of sleeping pads, an ability to block chilly breezes for camping during cooler months, a zip up cocoon effect for blocking bugs, morning dew, wind and the sun to name just a few items. A couple of similar camping hammocks worth checking out include the Air Hammock and Bison Bag. For $80, backers get one Adventurers Hammock with an expected delivery of October 2015


Bison Bag lets you catch some Zs between the trees

Bison BagCamping is a fun summer activity enjoyed by many. Accessories used for staying out all night are usually multi-purpose, cutting down on supplies needed. The Bison Bag is one such product. This camping convenience is a hammock and sleeping bag in one. It is rated to hold large amounts of weight and comes with everything one needs to attach it to a tree. If the hammock should tip over, it holds the occupant inside, perhaps preventing injury. One Bison Bag costs camping backers $60 or $70 at an early-bird price and $90 when the early bird bags are gone. This product hopes to raise $15,500 on Kickstarter.