Connected Objects Cooking

The Cuciniale helps whips up whatever you want without a fuss

Much to the chagrin of the many who aren’t well-versed with the kitchen, cooking with consistently good results requires years of professional cooking experience. Unfortunately, most people don’t have that and end up serving a lot of under- and overcooked food. To help address this issue and to cut down on the time spent in the kitchen overall, the Cuciniale cooking system was born.

The Cuciniale intelligent cooking system consists of a multi-sensor wireless probe, an induction cooktop and a companion mobile app. Together, it guides users through the process of making any meal. While the induction cooktop is fairly straightforward, the key to the cooking system is the wireless probe which serves as its brain. Users simply select the food and desired preparation style from the app and stick the probe into the food itself. From here, the app will not only calculateĀ the size and density of the food to accurately control the cooktop’s heat but also alert users when to participate themselves.