Connected Objects Sleep

Sonno BT sleep mask focuses getting to sleep, leaves you alone after that

Sleep masks are a dime a dozen, all promising assistance with sleep, lucid dreaming, or even improvements in learning with transcranial stimulation — dubious claims in their own right depending on the method used.

The Sonno BT tries to one up the competition with its use of SBTT, or simulated biological tone technology. This stuffy name is essentially just a recording of the body’s naturally occurring, internal sounds the inventor claims is better than white noise.

What the Sonno BT really wants is to be considered a sort of sleep assistant, but only if the product’s ridiculous stretch goals are met. Using Bluetooth in conjunction with an iOS/Android app, the product can loop messages to aid subliminal learning, sound alarms and reminders, facilitate power naps, place 911 calls in response to the sound of a carbon monoxide or fire alarm, and even function as a smart baby monitor.