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Laminar Bowl keeps poured milk in cereal bowl, may save civilization

Cereal is an integral part to the mornings of many. Though adding milk to a heaping pile of delicious cereal can result in spills, the last thing anyone needs first thing in the AM. Laminar Bowl works to eradicate spilt milk and cereal. It’s manufactured with a large bump in the middle, designed to absorb the impact of the milk so that everything stays put right in the bowl. In addition, Laminar features high sides and won’t tip over. This bowl is also great for soups, stews, or any other liquid delicious food. Coming in blue, red, orange, purple or green, Laminar is completely dishwasher safe for maximum convenience.

For only $8, backers can enjoy this product with estimated delivery in January 2015. With a goal of $49,500, the guys behind this bumpy bowl hope Kickstarter will help them with their goal. For the overzealous, milk and cereal spillage do certainly happen. This can usually be avoided by pouring the milk more slowly into the bowl. Still, for those who just can’t seem to master this simple skill, Laminar may be the bowl for you.