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Brewover needs no do-over to create cold-brewed coffee

Coffee enthusiasts know the best ways to make their favorite morning drink, but usually need different products to master each method. Brewover is a three-in-one, multifunctional brewing device that allows the user to choose between the slow brew drip, immersion, or pour over techniques for making specialty coffees. It has a very easy to use filter system, as well as a shut-off valve that allows a great deal of control as to how fast the water flows into the filter. Brewover can even function as a potential icebreaker when meeting up with new friends because the clear material allows people to actually watch the process take place. Coffee lovers who want to be able to enjoy their beverage on-the-go might want to check out the KoffeePress campaign. This campaign seeks to raise $65,000 AUD (~$56,000 USD) by December 2, 2014. For $65 AUD (~$56 USD), early bird backers get one product with an expected delivery of March 2015.