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The bright side of the Luna is filmed in glorious 360°

The advances in imaging technologies have resulted in ever smaller form factors incorporating an increasing amount of functionality. But while established companies are creating insane rigs for 360° video and VR content, Luna is offering the same functionality in a much more petite package.

Luna is a billiard ball-sized sphere containing two HD cameras that are able to create full 360° video without a single blind spot. Its durable, IP68 waterproof shell is super portable and can withstand tough conditions. Embedded Wi-Fi allows it to connect to iOS and Android devices to transfer data, geotag photos and videos and even live stream 360° video or virtual reality content.


4K Sphericam 2 invites creators to have a ball capturing VR

The recent explosion of interest in virtual reality poses a problem that’s long been associated with new media: a dearth of content.The original Sphericam 360-degree video camera sought to answer that call a few years ag. It received more than three times its Kickstarter funding goal in 2012, raising more than $34,000.

Sphericam 2 is an enhanced, 4K version of the spherical video camera that also taps into growing interest in the VR device market. Its six image sensors and lenses can shoot video of anything surrounding the user. That video gets automatically stitched together and can be viewed on VR headsets including the Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard, as well as tablets or smartphones.

Sphericam 2 can also take still photos with resolution of about 4100 x 2150. It will ship with a protective carrying case at $1,499 in December. Its maker set a more ambitious Kickstarter goal of raising $150,000 by July 30 this time around.

The Sperhicam 2 is clearly a tool for pros or amateurs with generous budgets, but the potential market for it will probably get much larger as more VR headsets reach the consumer market. Some customers may also be reluctant to buy a device, for now, whose image quality is hard to fully appreciate from an online campaign video.