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The bright side of the Luna is filmed in glorious 360°

The advances in imaging technologies have resulted in ever smaller form factors incorporating an increasing amount of functionality. But while established companies are creating insane rigs for 360° video and VR content, Luna is offering the same functionality in a much more petite package.

Luna is a billiard ball-sized sphere containing two HD cameras that are able to create full 360° video without a single blind spot. Its durable, IP68 waterproof shell is super portable and can withstand tough conditions. Embedded Wi-Fi allows it to connect to iOS and Android devices to transfer data, geotag photos and videos and even live stream 360° video or virtual reality content.

As a bonus, it contains a magnetic adapter to attach itself to a wide variety of surfaces, like a singer’s mic at a concert. The Luna itself is priced at $299 and comes with a range of accessories like a power adapter and a monopod, expected to be shipped in October 2016. The Luna campaign is looking for $50,000 by January 23rd, 2015.

The Luna brings to mind the Sphericam 2, a previously launched Kickstarter that centered on the same concept priced at a premium. While the Luna doesn’t do 4K, it does bring the price down while still managing to include high-quality imagery along with virtual reality capabilities. Hobbyists and travelers will no doubt find Luna an attractive fit to their lifestyles.

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